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Frisky Business

Designed to provide a gap analysis of business maturity our tool can be used to evaluate opportunity, mitigate risk, and reassure investors of progress status.

Part I: FQ Score

Your Frisk Quotient is comprised of the essential building blocks of business, applicable to any venture at any stage


Stage of development of the idea combined with market fit analysis, including business model and go-to-market strategy


Access to resources and skills necessary to deliver the idea, covering operations and the whole team from employees to board advisors


Measure of the holistic business outputs across growth strategy, revenue generation and customer acquisition

Part II: FQinvestment Score

If you’ve taken investment, or plan to take investment, you’ll get additional sections on your report covering investment readiness.


A look at your maturity for exit such as whether you have identified routes to exit, or have a target exit in mind


How prepared you are to have conversations with investors whether that be collateral needed or proposed deal size and shape

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